La 001

25000cfa / per night
Max. Guests
4 Guests
Booking Nights
1 Min.
Bed Type
Double bed
80 m²

The Room:

La 001, like in all of our rooms has a Double sized Bed. La 001 is one of the largest rooms we have.
Located on the ground floor, it benefits from the shade and direct access to the garden.
The 001 is the ideal room for anyone with limited mobility as it does not require climbing stairs.
It is equipped with a desk to allow you to work comfortably in the freshness of the air conditioner.
The bed is equipped with a side lamp to satisfy reading lovers.
The Wifi connection is free so that you are not disconnected from your reality or your passions.

NB: It is strictly forbidden to smoke inside the rooms.

The Shower:

At Royal Phenix, everything has been thought out for your safety and comfort. That’s why our showers are all equipped with:

  • Cold and hot water
  • Non-slip tile
  • Mirror area
  • Wall sconce
  • Electric plug
  • Toilet area

The specificities:

Every room has its magic to it, here are the 105’s ones:

  • Room at the first (requires the use of stairs)
  • Clean and middle
  • Air conditioner
  • Natural lighting
  • View on the street
  • View on the garden
  • Office Area

Room Availability

  • Available
  • Not Available

Room Services

Widescreen TV
Air Conditioner
Breakfast – On request (invoiced)